Should I? Should I not?

Should I go back to blogging? :/

Goodnight, World. <3



Thinkin' I should "revive" my blog a lil', decided to start bloggin' again. 
Read the last post updated, it was on the 22nd of January, 2011.
Only then I realized, it has been such a long time since I last blog. :/

Tryin' to dig for the passion for bloggin' I had back then. :p
Hopefully they are still somewhere in me. teehee.

So, yeah. I guess that's about it.
Stick around for more. 

Peace Out,


pressure pressure!

olla peeps. *no one actually reads i guess* lol
well, there goes three weeks of my uni classes.

lecturers been giving quite some pressure, 
keep tellin' the rest of the class how great,
how good students me and my friends are. 

somehow, that makes the rest of the class dislike us. and i don't want that
gosh. just because we are his past sem' students.
he's really expecting good results, presentations from us. 
too high expectations really can lead to lotsa pressure.

so yeah, chinese new year is around the corner. 
bought any new clothes already?
wish you a very happy and prosperous chinese new year,
with lotsa wealth as well as health.

peace out,


bye 2010, hello 2011

23 more hours to 2011 people.
what are you guys doing? 
so what have you achieved this year?
did anything productive?
well, mine sounds rather lifeless.
attend classes, come back home, attend classes again, come back home.
imagine repeating that everyday.
i guess nothing very special happened this year,
except for i was admitted to the hospital during my oh-so-awesome sem break.

so, what you guys wanna achieve the coming year?
any big plans?
hope you guys will a good year ahead.
forget all that happened in 2010,
leave behind sad ones and hope for more happy ones in the coming year!

just a short update from me.
happy new years peeps!
yours truly.

somehow i miss this hairstyle a lot.


helloo hongkong !! *part 3*

Day Five
headed to Macau early in the morning.
gonna stay 1 night over there. :)
checked in at the hotel at around noon.
after settling down, we headed to the Macau Town.
Visited the Statue of Goddess of Mercy.
St. Paul's Church, 大三巴. Grand Canyon @ The Venetian.
Then Portugese Cuisine for dinner. *droools*
Oh yeah ! and I entered the Casino! All I know how to play is the Jackpot Machine. 
LOL-ness. heyyy, i won some ! :p
but people, please don't get addicted !
once you win, you'll never wanna leave and that's when you're stuck-ed!

Macau Town
Goddess Of Mercy



Portuguese dinner
our hotel suite
St. Paul's

famous noodles
the hotel we stayed in. The Venetian Macau
basically, this the the whole room - lah.
The Grand Canal
the living hall

the washroom
hugable kissable loveable.
Portuguese eggie tarts

in the hotel mall. the sky is not real peeps. :D

Day Six
 continued the Macau day tour.
first, had my favourite, world-best Pork Chop Bun,
it goes really well with MilkTea as well as Tiramisu Ice Cream.
went to a temple 妈祖庙, in Barra,
then headed to Wynn's Hotel to see their famous Tree of Prosperity.
lunched at 三元粥店, their pork intestine are aweeeeesome!
headed back to HongKong later in the afternoon.
checked in to another hotel, Park Hotel over at Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Island, Hong Kong.
accompanied the Boss to the B.P International House aka The H.K Scouts Head Quarters.
and he bought like he never shopped b4 ! >_<

me and my fav. pork chop bun.

at the BP House
mua bun. :)

gansta ! :p

tree of prosperity
Wynn's Casino
doin' our MilkTea

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