:: Our Boy - Mr Wayne aka JJ Lin - Conclusion ::

After the few post b4....now...i have a conclusion...
Yupz...Have to conclude smtg...

1st - Yeah..everytg had ended..
2nd - I miss him alot !! reli alot !! ~~
3rd - I miss JJFC [M] alot .. and of cz JJFC [SG] too...

I wana officially thx few of u guys .. !!
Had officially met them in these events...

Ginjia ..
Li Weng ..
Jessica ..
Li Hui 561 ..
Jules ..
LittleTing ..
PandaMun ..
Beatrice ..
Mil ..
CaoAi JJ ..
Dorothy ..
Debra ..
Sofie ..
YouYou ..
Jiyan * pai seh .. i missed u out !! luckily u remind me..haha *
Jenson * pai seh..haha...although we din meet .. but i miss u also geh !! haha .. * 

* did i missed out any1 of u guys..?!? *
sorry if i did...remind me .. hehe..

Thx u guys alot...lots of great memories from u guys ..
lots of good times spent wif u guys...
lots of help from u guys ...
Lots of Thank You to u guys..deep from the bottom of my heart .. !!
Love u guys alot ... !! Reli Alot !! Miss u guys alot too !!


Thanks Alot To My Dear Sweetie.... Mr Wayne .. JJ Lin ..
My 棉棉..丁丁... 林总... !! hehe
After this..duno when only can see u again...aiks...
im gona miss u to death...reli...
without u .. there's no JJFC...
there will b no such wonderful and sweet memories in my life...
Thx u for bringing all of us together...
without u .. we wun have such great friends...
JJFC [M] .. Love u guys !! Muax !!


  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    u forget me? haha!

  2. yea la....now i wana edit !! haha

  3. cao ai JJ11:48 PM

    damn miss u

  4. iyer...jiajia d....
    din read zao post comment d... haha

  5. liwengg2:44 PM

    lol.. i saw my name appeaer in yr blog alotss time .. XD .. haha .. miss me so much mehh ?

    anyway .. its my part of jobb. dont have to say thanks .. and u guys did a great job tho.. proud of u all .. XD .. peace out guys .. muackss