:: My Valentines ::

Oopz!! Sorry for the delay.
Updated on the V’s Day later by 2 days..XD
Urm..well..let’s start off lidat

To be frank ! After abt 3 years plus together wif my boy ..This is the 1st year we celebrate valentines day OFFICIALLY … lolx .. due to .. my parents won’t allow me to do so for the past few years ..
What a shame eh ….Nevermind..its never too late!!

Well..i woke up at abt 9.45am that morning ..
took a bath..put on my clothes..*i dint purposely dress up that day…@.@*
Ate my breakfast .. and .. yea .. he came to pick me up at about … urm .. 11.20am i guess
Went to Pavilion for our movie .. at 12.15pm
AND !! YEA !! I forgotten sumthg really important ..
I WAS SICK ON THAT DAY !!! URGH..how wonderful rite … =.=..ok whatever ..

We watch “ Look For The Star “ if not mistaken =)
by Andy Lau and Shu Qi ..
Then .. after the movie .. we went to sakae sushi for lunch .. that place was so packed that day ..
waited so so long for the food to come when i was super hungry at that time ..

Oh .. we met Kah Yee and Yee Ling ..
Then…we walked to Sg Wang and .. then to Ts ..
and we met …. Oopz .. ntg .. thats a secret .. i cnt spread !! XD

Thats about it lar .. due to i was sick / i got dinner at night .. so .. we left bkt bintang at abt 5pm … hrm ..
wanted to visit my dear buddy Yao Bang at low yat ..
but duno he is at work or not..=)

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