:: 3 more days ::

Haiz .. 3 more days ..
Yea .. 3 more days and im turnin’ 18 ..
Why So Fast ah ? Okay .. nvm ..
Well .. tell u guys 1st .. this will be a SS post ah ..
SS = Syok Sendiri..So..if u cannot take my SS-ness ..
Yea..the “red X button” is alwiz there for u ..Click on it .. and leave =)

Hrm..i’ve never really celebrated my bday b4 .. lolx ..
Surprised to hear this huh ..
I reli hope that i could .. but ..
i cant..it seems..parents are alwiz bz during the month of march..duno why..super lot of jobs comin’ in..alwiz..every year..Nvm..i dun mind..=)

my dear joey jimui is in ns..if not..i noe she surely will do something..like last year..she did..but i couldn’t attend..due to…tell u guys later..=D

Then..yea..and this year..i think i will be celebrating with my dear…thats all..not reli celebrate oso..jz goin out shopping..thats all =)

Hrm … I really hope that

i could celebrate with lots of ppl .. especially my buddies..my classmates..my friends and
all the march babes.. *especially my dear brotha-Mr.SimonHorMunSoon-our bday is on da same day !!*

drink my bday milktea..yea..that bigbig glass of bday milktea at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng..but..minimum there must be 6 ppl to get that for free..oni me n edmund..how to drink that thg....T_T

big big surprises on my bday !! * joey .. i noe u did it last year..but everytg was cancelled last minute..sorry*

Ala..dun wana type adi..vry tired…goodnight..=)


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