:: Confirmed ::

Phew .. went for a blood test again ..
and .. confirmed was dengue fever ..
but it was just a mild one ..
so .. i dun have to be admitted to the hospital ..
but i have to go for another blood test 2mlw ..
WTF .. pain like hell lor
wish me luck !! hope the blood counts won't drop again ...
or else .. meet me in the hospital .. lolx

urgh ... maid went bek to indonesia ..
and now i have to start doin housework ..
luckily i dun have to do the washing part ..
as my hands are damn alergic to those
dish cleaning liquid .. and those cloths washing powder .. XD XD
my job is only take care of my pet dog esby !! XD
clean his poo .. feed him ...
and .. besides that ... and in -charged of the food department aka kitchen ..
make sure all the flask are filled with water .. boil hot water ...
put the plates and cutleries back into where they shd be when they are dried !!
urgh .. really envy those at my house who has "BANANAs "
they do less housework ... their job is to watch tv..and empty the rubbish bin .. that's all !!!
=.= .... unlike the " banana-less" ... have to work like mad cow !!
i wana have " BANANA " .. WTF .. lolx
now i understand how tired my maid was ....

XD XD ...and i noe ... when our dear joey ong sze yen sees this ..
she will sure say .. " WAH !!!! 1st time dai siu jie do housework wor !!! "

received sms from yb saying that he received
the gift adi ..
he said he " ku xiao bu de " wor .. lolx .. reli let him gek sie !!
>.< !!
btw yb ... hope u like it lar ... although i was reli damn pissed off noe-ing that ur not goin to NS adi ..
and .. keep it well with u arr .. i rush it so " san-fu-ly " when i was having high fever ..
and planning to let u receive it a day b4 u leave for ns ...

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  1. hehe ~ goodluck le~
    god bless u 2mr~ namo namo~ XD