:: A Day Out ::

Well..paiseh for updating this for 1 day later .. >.<
Yea..on saturday..i went to bkt bintang with dear ..
the aim was to.. 
- collect jjfc tee shirt for beatrice’s member ..
- go lowyat plaza to buy my stuff ..
- visit my buddies at their workin’ place ..

Well..reached there about 12+ .. walked to lowyat .. the 1st stop was .. meeting
Mr.Tan Yao Bang ..
then Mr.Leong Hong Seng
and lastly Mr.Hong Chun Kit

Okay .. since i haven’t officially intro them to u guys .. now i’m doin a brief one .. =)

Presenting …
Mr Tan Yao Bang
Yeah .. The famous one among us ..
the 万人迷* can fight beckham eh … XD *
our 开心果 .. and the one who is gona leave us soon .. for NS T_T !!!

Second ..
Mr.Leong Hong Seng
The Tallest one among us !!
aka my brotha tersayang !!
eh .. he’s good at lecturing ppl de loe..XD
but..dun kacau him when he’s not in the mood..=X !!

Mr.Hong Chun Kit
NIu Year 2 
the cutest and chubby-est among us ..
but..ppl slim down alot adi ler..lengcai jor lots too =) 
he’s very caring and..he reli sings very very well ..
i LOVE his voice !! awww ….

Okay..im done with the intro..continue..

Visited ah bang .. he asked me to buy thgs from him ..
but i refused .. :’( .. and .. went up to 3rd floor..
kena chopped !! *bluek* luckily it wasnt smtg expnsv..
wuuu…oh yea..later on..i went to his workin place with my mum again..urm..and mum bought 2 printers and .. a few more stuff from him..abt rm600+ lar .. XD see … i 补偿 adi kan !?! and .. thanks for the massage arh..haha..XD

Well..went to Dell to see ah kor .. and u noe wad……
SOB !! I visit him .. he point me a middle finger….

Then..yea..to ck’s .. iyer .. he reli slim down alot !!!
teach me how …. im growing side ways nowdays..=’(

Owh owh !! spot my name !! haha
took this when i was waiting for ah bang to send my stuff to the car .. =)


urgh..and..guess wad..i was supposed to collect the tees from liweng..but when i met with her..she told me that those tees were in her car..she will pass it to the member herslf………..=.=’’ this aunty ah……

thats all for this post i guess .. forgotten abt the rest of the things i did that day .. 
*short-term memory* =( 


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