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Remember i mentioned about that monkey ?
The one that broke my landline wire?

Okay..look at the time now.
My neighbour rang my mobile.
Saying that this morning that monkey was at her balcony and now ran over to my roof.
* as my balcony is covered alrdy *

She said its a very huge size monkey.
Asked me to shut all my doors and windows.
* dun worry lor.i seldom open them.XD *
Swt lor. in the middle of a city.
U can find monkey wor !! WTH lor..

Those who came to my place b4 will know.
There are like..no trees @ my place de wor.
All developed with housing estates.wtf ?!

Aikz.my parents are goin back to hometown for the cheng meng aka pay respect to the ancestors.
i will take charge of the house.
So is it my responsibility to chase that monkey away?!
Or i’ll just shut ourselves in the house for 3days!?
Until my parents come back.

Which government department should i call to get rid of it arh..Scary leh..
Or just scare it away with my … erm … cute .. gorgeous .. pretty … LOLX … okay … i know u guys can’t take my SS-ness already. XD

Is this my 16th bad luck case ?!

yours truly,
jesmyn. 10.04.09. 8.46am

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