:: unexpected ::

mobile phone rang. *你的眼神充满美丽带走我的心跳..你的温柔如此靠近带走我的心跳* - ringtone.XD mum : ah yan ah. lei oi em oi gan ngor hoi heong kong ? me : hur ? zhou mat yeh man ngor oi em oi hoi heong kong ? mum lei lou dao lar. em fong sam hoi geh jobs. mou duen duen hou dor job zhou ah. me : hur ? em fong sum zao em hoi ah ? gei piu mai sai jor lorh ? mum : hai lorh. lei oi em oi puii ngor hoi ? oi ngor zao book gei piu ge lah.. me : okay lor. cincai lor. mou soh waii geh. butt gor .. missed kor ucsi geh orientation lorh !? mum : lei lum lei lor. lei zhong yi lor. just in case u guys dun understand...translated it 4 u =) mum: ahyan [what they call me]. u wana follow me to hong kong or not? me : hur. what for u ask me do i wana follow? mum: ur dad la.worried abt his jobs.lots of jobs comin' in suddenly. me: hur.dun wana go just bcz he's worried? the airtickets wil be wasted lor? mum: yea lar. then u wana accompany me over there? if u want i book the tickets now. me : okay lor. cincai la. no a problem for me geh. but. i'll miss my college orientation lorh !? mum : u like lor. u think about it lor. lolx !!

so unexpected. so sudden.

at first they thought of bring me over ady de.
but because of the Empress aka my sis * man sui man sui man man sui * she darn " small gas " d nah. she'll be jealous if she don't get to go. so.to be fair.i can't go too. =.= but now !! wuhooo !! Chloe Tan .. i get to go !! bluek !! u stay at home with dad !! wuakakaka. hrm.not a vacation actually. goin over for business purpose. mum wants me to learn. see how ppl do business.trading.urm..what else. advertising.productions.prints and packs.premium gifts. ohyea! event plannings......XD so .. will be goin there for 1 week. whole week is about.. exhibitions.a lot of exhibitions.and..MORE exhibitions !! =.= definately no time for shopping == * u see u see !! no time for shopping..u ask me to come along lar..con me ah mum!! == * flight is on this sunday morning. * woohoo..beautiful sunday!! * which means..its 26th. 9.15am flight. MAS airlines ! ish ish !! MAS !?!? TAK NAK lor..i want Cathy !! >< nvm la...MAS cheaper..that's why i get to follow !! == exhibitions will be from 26th-30th. from 9am-6pm every single day of that period. woah! which means i have to walk from 9-6. carrying heavy catalouges. wuuu.... nvm.i will definately call up my hk friends !! and ask them to bring me around at night !! Wuakakkaka.........pubs..lounge..cafe.. the most important ones are.. FOOD !! FOOD !! AND MORE FOOD !! especially my favourite toufu. that smells like longkang !! Awww....smelly./ chou toufu i miss u so so much !! urm. see this time i could bump into any celebs anot. like the previous trips. joey yung. * in the mall singing. * jacky cheung.*on the streets.just walk pass.* ah niu. * in the plane * aaron kwok. * darn lcly * oh yea!! this 1 .. u guys sure darn swt de. our tun.dr.mahathir !! at the hk airport !! XD well
gona get dear a nike bag. try to get joey her masks. get myslf a webcam. nice blouse. *smtg* for dear's mum. * cnt tell whts tht smtg.=) * dun worry aunty.i know which 1 u wan !! heehee *
but.aww..definately will miss my college orientation.=(
comin back on the 2nd and starting college on the 4th. lolx.

so ..

muahahahah...so darn excited already !!

and dear .. i'll miss u like hell !! will try to text u like how we did that time.XD *although its expensive.like..rm2 per sms..wth rite?!* nah nah .. must miss he arh. think of me always ah. u gave me the permission to kau hk boys. but i didnt give u the permission to kau lui here ah. hahaha... love ya !!

peace out !! xoxo
yours truly. jesmyn.

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