:: My 2nd Home,HK – part1 !! ::

Nyek Nyek..at last i blog about my hong kong trip huh? XD
yalar..delayed for so long already. Now it’s the time lar..since i woke up early and have nothing to do !

Okay..i will kinda go into detail..and also kinda just roughly tell u guys lar…urrrr….conflict .. !! lolx..nvm lar.whatever lar.

I went with my mom. =) . actually dad was the one supposed to go. but he is worried with the new job that he just received from the Academy Of Medicine,Malaysia. So…heehee…he asked me to go !!! wuakaka.

Basically.This trip isn’t about vacation..relaxing and stuff lar..
It’s about learning..and..BUSINESS *cheh-wa!!!*
So. we stayed 4 days at Tsuen Wan this time. and only shift to Tsim Sha Tsui for 2 days. urm..sry..4 nights .. and 2 nights lar..XD

Day 1 :
woke up darn early to catch the airplane.
this time we took MAS instead of Cathy Pacific.
nid to save money mar.MAS cheaper…

journey was 3hrs.30mins. and i did slept in the plane!! haha
but i cant really sleep well..due to there is 1 friggin irritating man behind me. Put his leg on my hand rest and keep on shaking his friggin wtf leg !!! URGH !!! was so annoyed !! me and my mum keep on looking behind and stare at him. ok and…
iyer!! the lunch was YUCKY !! NOT NICE !! MAS’s lunch is so so so not nice!! PEANUT BUTTER CHICKEN + CARROT .. with duno what mixed fruit and duno what pudding..wth…so random.=.=
DSC03149 DSC03147 DSC03148

weather was okay. quite chilled.
cooling..not hot.warm at all.
as it has been raining for days at HK.

Check into the hotel after we arrived.
@ tsuen wan. Nina Hotel aka L’Hotel.
its really far from town..but near to the exhibition Expo.
abit troublesome for us to get to places we wana go..
there are lotsa malls around that place.
can shop 1st .. for the time being.lolx
our room was at the 52nd floor.
iyer.nid to changed lifts for twice…
Wuah !! i tell u guys arh !! The rooms are darn big wye!!
Nice sea view. Nice toilet. Big Bed. Nice Sofa. Plasma TV at least 42inchs. !!! wuushh…Syiok eh !! iya..nvm..i bet u guys cant imagine how nice.Let me show u guys the pics.



DSC03279 this is the Hotel. took this pic from far away. =)

Hotel Lobby..DSC03217 DSC03216entrance of the room. DSC03214DSC03215 scenery. night view. DSC03300 the sofa.

DSC03162morning. DSC03153
the glass half cylinder thgy is the toilet.

bath tub.
the room. from the toilet.
from above.
the room.after i messed it up.
DSC03184 DSC03185
mr.plasma tv. 42 inch.haha
the toilet !!

the shower. aka the lights above.
my fav. ! the big mirror


DSC03191 DSC03192
the sea view.
DSC03193 DSC03157 DSC03158 DSC03159
ignore me.!! =X

DSC03160 DSC03161

Well.Done. Isn’t the room Lovely ? Gorgeous !! haha
for those couple who are planning to go..lolx..
can pick this hotel lar.
rooms big enuf.
lol..no lar.main point is…bcz of the toilet !! hahah
one of u guys can lie on the bed looking at another 1 bathing !!
LOLX !!!!! okokok…shhhhhhhhhhhhh

okay.enough about the hotel lar.
i missed it !!
well.we quickly walked to the nearby mall to meet up with our hongkong friends.
and guess what. we saw Hins Cheung there lar.
duno what event of his is going on there.
haha…finally we settled down in a restaurant.
and yeah.met up with my dear friend Hilla !!
show u guys pics next time.
owh.and on the very first day there.
i get to eat my fav. chou tou fu !! aka Smelly Tofu.
awww…its so so yummy !!
although it smells like drain water.
i dun find it smelly at all.
its so so yummy !!

So.basically this is about day 1 in HK lar.
will stop here 1st.
lazy to recall back what happened lol.!!

will continue on day 2 , 3 , 4 …. lala.. and so on.

tata !!


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