the song i'm indulging in recently !


the lyrics are meaningful.


Are you sure that this is love?
Do you really love me?
手牽著手漫步斜陽 就當作浪漫
We stroll, hand in hand, and watch the sun set; See it as romance
the two of us, looking off into the distance
Assuming that love would always be fine
當我回頭望 卻 已淚濕了眼眶
But When I turn back to look again, The tears have already dampened my eyes
當夕陽變成星光 當愛情換了方向
When the setting sun turns into starlight, When love changes direction
你一如過往 對愛太緊張
You're just like before, So nervous about love
But what is the future like?
The unknowns of tomorrow make me uneasy, I wander aimlessly
Who will give me strength?
我不怕你 愛不愛我
I'm not afraid Of whether or not you'll love me
只害怕你 以為愛我
I'm just afraid You think you love me
抓緊我 不算擁有 你總學不會放手
Holding on to me tight Is not the same as having me; You can't seem to learn to let go...
我不怕你 不懂愛我
I'm not afraid That you won't know how to love me
只怕你 把習慣 當作愛
I'm just afraid You'll mistake habit and custom For love
你猜不透 我要什麼
You can't figure out What I want

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