❥ life...

i believe everything happens for a reason.

people chang so we can learn how to let go.
things go wrong, so that we appreciate them when they're right.
we believe lies, so we eventually learn to trust no one but ourselves,
sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

life's been darn busy these days.
no time to even think about other stuff.
*yeah rite jes...lynn would say* :P

well.in conclusion of the incident.
i would say ...

jesmyn .. you really need to learn about toleration.
no matter to whom. family .. friends .. whoever.
do not only "magnify" the bad side of other ppl.
try look at the good side too.
jesmyn .. you really need to learn to see imperfections perfectly.
yeah ! i felt that i grew up ! *a bit more only lah ! just a little :P *

owh . yeah . people. i'm still alive okay.
i abandon my bloggie doesn't mean that you guys don't need to visit my blog and don't need to SPAM my chatbox k?! hahahahah *ss-ing much eh !?*

been very busy with assignments and midterms.
yeah. i told you ryte?! kena haunted again by these monsters !
but .. hey .. i'm enjoying it ! i'm lovin' it ! * yeahyeah.like how ppl love mcd :p *

peace out peeps ! muah !

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