❥ weird dreams. just for "you" .

have the sudden urge to blog.
needa blog about this weih ! lol
suddenly people tellin' me this today

" jes ! last night i have this weird dream of you lah ! " 

okay. it goes like this.

first ; my dear long lost cousin brotha that i recently met him again.

Mr.Victor Lee Wee Terk
" so funny..ytd nite i dream of u =_=
weird dream. we kiss and hug , act lik couple =____=  "

then ; my dear oh-so-long-time-no-see babe.

Ms.Joey Ong Sze Yen
" Jesmyn Tan yesterday I dream that U and Edmund hugging u guys baby at KLIA,ready to go for vacation!!!!!!!! >.< haha "

lastly ; my dear friends that i forgotten how on earth i met him.
Mr.Lim Way Hang
" hmm..weird.. i also had a dream smth about jesmyn last night..some thing bad =xwahahahaha. i just dream that you've passed away XD then i cry..lmao "

Lol. See. Dunno What's Goin' On With People Nowadays La. Missed Me Too Much Dy Izit ? 
And Now I Know Why I Felt So Tired This Morning When i Woke Up. I RAN INTO EVERYONE's DREAM ! bwahahaha. Haha. Okay. I know. SS-ing much ><


i don't know what on earth i did to deserve this. 
or .. maybe i did. but certainly don't deserved to be talked behind my back. 
don't deserved to be judged.
i don't really know these people.
only hi-bye friends of mine. 
is it just because this person is a friend of this certain someone,
this person have to look at me with this one-kind look?
and even delete me from ur' friend list huh? 


to whom it may concern. *if you know who you are* and
if only these people happen to see this.

i never hated you. i never did anything to offend you. never did and never will.
you don't know what REALLY was goin' on at that time. 
yes. i know this certain someone is a friend of yours.
i just couldn't care less if you hated me or whatsoever. 
i really don't care. but hey. yes. i felt offended.
but you don't needa offend me like that.
wanted to just give one friendly smile. but . what i deserve ?
i don't deserve this "one-kind" look from you when you see me. 
i don't deserve you being sarcastic to me. 
you don't really know me. and only heard stories from one party. not both.
therefore. please. don't judge me. you're nobody to do so.
and again. I never did dislike you. never will.
but if you do hate me. hate all you want. i'm fine with it. ;)
i know what i'm doin. and never regretted for doin' it.
thanks !

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