A Day Out

aloha !
welcome to my oh-so-boring blog again ! :p

since i haven’t update for quite sometime,
let me just blab a few words here kayh ?
so. yeah. as usual. assignments piling up, finals around the corner,
but ! i haven’t forget to relax myself yeah. teehee.

had a day out with moi peeps on the 8th of July.
and Yes ! we watched twilight eclipse. :D
well. i’ll rate that movie 8/10 lar.
Edward Cullen is still as attractive and Jacob is still as muscular as always. :p

urm. lazy to type so let the pictures do the talkin.

those who went : Me, Lynn, Zaza.J, Zaza.Z, Sasha, Coddy, Adam, Eika, Aisha. and our special guests : Asyikin and Vanessa.

SDC13541 SDC13543



 SDC13546 SDC13547 SDC13548 SDC13549  SDC13551    SDC13555 SDC13556  SDC13558

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