:: 03 12 08 .. 2nd 0fficial 0utin' =) ::

Finally !! Finally i can go 0ut kai kai .. afta spm ..
waited for so so long man !!!
waited for our dai siu jie joey to end her LK paper..
our dai siu yeh ChunKit to end his Eco paper..

Well...it goes like this..
i woke up at 7am in da morn !! pheww...tired..
went 2 Jusco Maluri J-Card Day wif my parents + sisz..
wee..bought alot of clothes @ body glove..hehe
& bought alot of soft toys at Jusco as they were reli reli cheap..
normal price rm45.90
and on dat day was rm8.97 ONLY !!

Hrm..then...at 11am..
im suppose to wait for Mr Tan Yao Bang at Maluri LRT station..
and we go 2gthr..
as.. i got no transport 2 go...
hehe....*my mistake larrr*
i waited for a while..and the LRT came adi..
so...i waited for a while i din see any
Tan Yao Bang comin down from the LRT..
so i sms-ed him..tellin him dat i wil go on the LRT
dun nid 2 wait 4 me..
and we meet at Hang Tuah ..
since there's a train to Hang Tuah adi..
* well..i keep on tellin him not 2 leave me alone there..
vry aimless...* =( ...
* my mistake marr..hor..?! *
Then..not longer after i went on da train...
SHYT MAN...my phone rang...
it was Yb callin..i picked up..
and he scolded me like SHYT !!
never see him so fierce b4...=X
i told him i wait 4 him at hangtuah..
and see wad he send me..

I phone joey while waitin 4 yb..
l0lx...another dai siu yeh still eatin his
breakfast at home .. and it was 11.30am already..
we were suppose 2 meet up at 11am
afta awhile..yb finally arrive..
iyer...his face....reli BLACk d..
damn scary !! s0rry arr...

We walked 2 Ts 2gthr 2 meet up wif Joey & Hong Seng
erm..and da 4 or us + 1 more gor n yb d fren..
walked around ts until abt 1pm..
thn waited for ck 2 arrive..and
karaoke till 4.30pm !! hehe
Wuussh !! Quite fun lar this time..haha
da guys reli siao liao lor..whn singin by2 de songs..
me joey n hazel went into da toilet 2 take pics 2 avoid those..
so called "sound pollution"
Duno why our ChunKit like vry emo thru'out da day..l0lx
yb n hs keep on disturbing him..whn he's singin so HiGH !! l0lx
laugh da0 we die !!!
1st time see k0r n yb s0 sia0..
afta dat...we t00k s0me pics ler...and left !!
arrrgh !!! they leave me in da toilet !! and off the lights !!

afta dat..went 2 low yat 2 look for Kenji..
but..whn we arrive..every1 wna go bek home adi..
We walked 2 the lrt station 2gthr..
l0lx..and j0ey s0 chamz...due to da sh0e..
she walked da0 s0 cacat..ke lian her..
make dao her leg bleed le..
she stopped aside to wear her socks..
me .. hazel .. yb .. ck .. kor was standing around her..
every1 walked pass was lookin at us...l0lx..
like we are foolin joey....gang bully..l0lx!!
k0r said..ppl sure thnk dat he is playin wif her smelly socks..
and dun wana gv it bek 2 her..haha
so ke lian la she..

well...finally its da end of da day...reach lrt station..
kor hlp me buy tickets as i x have small change..
rm1.70 h0r k0r..?!! i rmbr...!! owe u ya...
im so bai chi la!!
duno how 2 take lrt !!!
they all taught me how like teaching kindergarten ABC's...
ish ish .. so damn malu !!
smore whn i reach adi..k0r sms me and sed..
" Congrats..zhang da liao... "

ish ish ..
but..thx u guys for da day la..haha

w0w..and 1 more thg
whn i reached bandar tun razak..
waited for my dad for quite sumtime..
and guess who i saw...
l0lx...Mr.Shaun Chow
din see him for quite some time ler...

By Jesmyn aka Murderdoll

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