:: At Last ::

Phew .. 
It has been a really hard week for me ... 
Finally i'm back home now .. 
finally discharged from the hospital after 7 days .. 
My arms..are fully of small small injection holes ... 
blue-black some more .. =(
being admitted into the hospital is really bored lar .. 
+ have to suffer like sh*t ... 
have to put on drips .. which cause me sleepless nights .. 
only waking up for toilet the whole night ... =.= 
blood tests for every two days .. T_T .... 
Hrm .. very happy that i can come back home .. XD
but .. im not fully recovered yet .. doctor said im only fit enough to leave only .. 
still have to go back for check ups .. and blood tests ... *sobs*
due to ..... something really bad ... 
dun feel like telling it .. 
now i noe i have to enjoy and appreciate everytg in my life .. 
cz now i noe .. life is really .. really .. SHORT ... 
things might jz happen in a blink of an eye .. 
we dun noe what happens the next minute .. 

lalalala....u guys can jz ignore my crap la .. i jz wanted to release all these sumwhere nia .. =)

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