:: Late ::

Wow!! It's really late now. I know. It's 12am now.
and..the medicine which doctor gave that causes sleepiness is not functioning yet.

I'm wondering ..

When i can stop taking FULL rest .. * like...resting for the whole day *
When I can start doing things i usually do ..
When I can stop eating medicine ..
When I can stop going for body check-ups ..
When I can stop doing blood tests ..

Still wondering .. 

Since i'm free now , I'll show you guys some pictures .
Pictures of the sick me. XD 
Oh Yea .. i had a special request from our dear joey.
She wanted to see how i dressed up when i go out these few days.

* For you info .. i had rashes ALL OVER .. as in .. the whole body .. 
including my face !! Due to .. i was allergic to the antibiotics the doctor gave me *

My hand .. when i had the drips in the hospital .. 
it's still in pain lar .. =(

I'll upload my OVER-Dressed Picture 
very soon ya .. 
the internet connection really sux to the MAX !!

I'm gonna accompany my aunt 
from England 
to Mid.Valley 2morow..
Could do some shopping !! 

Yours truly,
                                                   jesmyn. 12.11am. 31st.03.09

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