:: Jalan - Jalan ::

Wuakaka .. As i said earlier.
I accompany my aunt from England to Mid Valley. 
Jalan-Jalan !! 
We went to *look-see look-see* 
She didn't really bought anything for herself. 
Except for gettin' some souvenirs for her colleagues.

Oh .. and .. i bought a pair of
-  sandals from VINCCI 
* for my sista actually .. but .. we can share rite !? XD * 
They are really lovely !!

- a polka dot blouse from ELLE 
* they were having 50% discount storewide* 
the price is quite reasonable though ... >.<

Met up with my dear Joey Babe..
* kam ngam dak kam kiu * 
She went for a gathering with her NS friends.
met up with her and chit-chatted for a while.
She said that i really look PALE ..
and easier way to describe - VAMPIRE 
and she is afraid with the rashes on my skin .. =X

Dear Girl,
Don't Worry, they'll go off very soon....i hope 
=D Everything Will Be Alright.
I'm Slowly Recovering Already. =)

yours truly,
jesmyn . 31.03.09 . 7.35pm

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