:: Die Now or Die Later ::

As my title says.
Die now or die later.
Let me tell you what is this all about.

Remember yesterday's post ?
About my aunt was robbed ?
Hmm..Luckily she was not badly injured.
Just some bruises and swellings on her arm and legs.

Okay. The police drafted a letter for my aunt to do check up @ HUKM.
Just in case you guys duno. It's a government hospital.
She reached there in the afternoon and waited till late evening.
For your info, she was asked to go to the emergency unit.
Waited for few hours @ the emergency unit ?!
can you imagine?! Well.
Another aunt of mine from England came,
so she accompanied her to the hospital.
She is Matron in one of the hospitals in England.
So..she went up to one of the medical staffs there to ask why they have to wait so long.
Wow..and guess what that malay guy answer ?!

Aunt : Why do we have to wait for so long ?

Guy : Oh. We see whether you die now or die later. Doctor treat those who die first and treat the
ones who die later.

Aunt : What ?! Did you just said " DIE " ?! I hope no one DIES !!?? and we don't to want anyone
to DIE though.

Guy : * silence *

Hey People !! See ... This is Malaysia's Government Hospital. Look at their attitude !! Oh My Godness. Yea..continue and keep it up with THIS kind of attitude.

I'm So Speechless ..... >.<

Yours Truly.
jesmyn . 02.04.09 . 12.41pm

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