:: UCSI ::

University College Sedaya International.

Finally. I went there.
Parents brought me to have a look @ the environment.

Hey !! I love it !!
I like the surroundings.
I like the environment.
I like the so-called " atmosphere " .
I like the colors of the buildings. *lolx*
The only thing i didn't like is the cafeteria.
The food there doesn't look yummy-licious to me.

Okay lar. Cut the crap.

Went to the admin. office to seek for some advices.
Filled in a form and the counselor said i'm more to Art and Social Science.
Hrm..she told me a bit about business admin. , psychology and mass communication.
Well..after all the explanations and stuff..
I realized that i didn't like Business Admin.
I can say that .. i hate it lar .. boring subject.
But Psychology and Mass Comm. is really interesting.
and she advice me to take mass comm.
so as my parents.

Mass Comm. sounds interesting.
I think I'll enroll myself for this !!
I think I will do well in this !! XD .. * like i really will >.< *
I should say .. I MUST DO WELL IN THIS.
It has a wide range of job opportunities.
and i'm gonna take the marketing communication pathway.

weeee...so..i'm gonna do..

- advertising
- event organizing
- PR. HR. as in Public Relation / Human Resource.
- ... bla bla bla ...

Kay la .. i noe i'm talking crap.

Just wana say that i've made up my mind on what am i gonna study !
Will hand in the application form as soon as possible.
and to :
whom it may concern.
* you know who you are lar *
Dun worry. there is no closing date for applications okay.. =.= .
Unlike ur TARC. Please don't scold me for nothing.
Don't rush me. I was just discharged from the HOSPITAL !
Not just let out from JAIL !
I need a break !!
I need a lot of rest !!
I need recovery !!
I noe how to sort things out and manage my time.
my parents know what is best for me.
I know you care about me a lot.
but. please. give me a break. don't rush me.


Due to some special requests.
Our dear joey babe asked me not to BOM the whom it may concern.
so..sorry lar..
i know you care about me.
but don't worry. 
I know what i'm doing very well.
hugs and kisses.
yours truly.
jesmyn. 02.04.09. 11.25pm.

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