:: . [full stop] :: – edited.

was my previous blog name.

things had ended.
with a full stop.
we've shared great memories.
shared great times together.
experienced lotsa things together.

and now , in a blink of an eye
everything had changed.

we've knew each other since form1. [2004]
bullied each other like nobody's business.
until now. we're together.
it has been 4years and 9 months.

had some arguments.
tears didn't help.
didn't turn things out to be better.
instead, i received a text from him saying...
" let's separate. "

had to end this 4years+9months relationship.?

to be continued.

but ..

luckily ..

It was just a dream.
I woke up sweating.
Phew. then only i realized it was only a dream.

Hope this dream will never come true.
Hope this will never happen.

p/s: sorry for the delay guys. was busy with smtg yesterday that’s why i stopped there. i know some of you guys will be darn pissed off. But .. Hey !! This is my blog !! I blog what i like ?! hate me ?! yea..that red ‘x’ button is always there for u.


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