:: excited ::

aww..few more days to orientation. darn excited. duno how will college life be? still wondering.....

oh yea..

our dear bro - mr.leong hong seng
shifted from wretch to blogspot.

ahhh...finally... finally he left his "diary" that was
covered with dust.
with mushrooms growing everywhere.

abandoned. =)
teeeheee. guys and girls.
oh yea. especially girls.

do visit his blog yea.
get to know more about him.
he is still single and available orh !!

For more information, please log on to : -


received a call from our dear mr.hong chun kitt just now.
asking me to join his genting trip.
sob..i really want to.

but u guys planned it on the starting of May.
and that's when i start college.
wuuu...left behind again. sob...so sad man !!


did cooking with dear again today !!
well.he wanted to grill his lamb chop on his own. let him lar..=.=
while i do my own salmon teriyaki. =)
ended up.he had to eat lamb chop that is black like charcoal.

* eh eh .. padan muka .. XD .. i told u to hand it to me de larh *
oww...my salmon is so yummy !!
oh .. left out 1 dish .
potato wedges..!!
shud call them cheesy wedges !!
so yummmy !!! *lick lick*

yours truly.

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