:: I'll Miss You ::


just came bek home after a
"sushi-king session"
with my family.

It was really late after we finished our dinner.
about 10pm i guess.
The street was dark.
So.as i walk. i sang.
Guess what song?
The Mission Impossible.
cause it was late and the streets are
dark and quiet mah.
So...i sang that song as if i was on a mission.
to be sure that the surrounding was clear
and .. no one around us.
So that we are safe lar...
cause im darn afraid afta my aunt's robbery case mah.
so..as i walk i sang.
until i reach dad's car.
when i reach his car.
when the doors were opened wide for me to go in.
I tripped and FALL ! WTH man....
My parents and my sista laughed like shyt lor !!
they said ..

" iyor....where got James Bond lidat geh.
If ur fliming James Bond. sure kena fired liao lorh..."


p/s : my dad's car is an estima. luxury car ma. very high de mah.
and it's dark.cant see the steps clearly...mai FALL lorh !!
Dun laugh okay !! >.<

Lolx !! I laughed like shyt when i watched this.


Update later. Peace Out.

ish ish .. not in a mood to blog ..
but there are a lot of things i wana share with u guys.
XD XD ...

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