:: What Luck Is This ::

Urgh !!
Don't know what life I'm living !!
Don't know what luck I'm having !!


many things had happened lately.
and the best part is ..
happening NON-STOP !!
Okay .. let me just list them out. =.=

* actually okay lar. Didn't fail. Satisfied lar *

I started to fall sick.

Maid went back to Indonesia.
* which means I have to do housework. =.= *

Went to the clinic for check up. kena dengue.
* wahlla !! *

Sick went worse. admitted to the hospital. dengue recovered. kena viral infection pulak.

Dad's Feng Shui Koi Fishes in the pond DIED
* eh !! fengshui man!! dun 'pray-pray' ah *

Grandma sprained her leg.

Finally I was discharged. But..doctor said he still nid to monitor me. need to still go back for check ups and bloodtest. Due to..i got HIGH-CHANCES of having leukemia..
*wtf......wtf......leukemia ah!! what u think !! Flu and .. cough ah !! grrr...*

p/s: because of this. i had to delay my driving lessons. i haven't even take undang.wtf.

Stupid doctor gave me antibiotics which causes me allergic.
*red dots all over my body. include my face.*

The water tap in the kicthen basin spoilt.need to repair. =.=
* money !! *

The stupid robbery case that happened to my aunt.

Because of that robbery case.and the stupid robbers took our set of house keys.
We need to change every lock in our house. Wth...
*money again...=.=*

A stupid idiot man bang on to my aunt's car. Another aunt that stays in Johor.
* aunt was on the straight road. the man was turning out to the road. and BANG !!
on the driver's seat door. WHO'S MISTAKE ?!
The stupid man said it was my aunt's !! LOLX *

The $%^&*$%^&* streamyx line failure.
It has been weeks already !! Stupid..
*luckily mum signed up for the maxis broadband. that's why i can still go on net as usual.*





When me and dear was cleaning/vacuuming my room.
We heard neighbours from the back alley shouting..
" Monkey ah..Monkey ah.. "
Well..we ignored it. cause we thought that they were watching National Geography or Discovery Channel. lolx.
when my parents arrived home from work.
my neighbour on the right-hand-side told them.
that there was a monkey @ the back alley of our house.
and it
HAPPILY climbed onto the hanging wires @ the alley.
and guess what.
the #$%^&* monkey pulled the wires. and. wahlla.
*piak* wire spoilt. =.=
and guess what.
That's our house landline. aka telephone line.
Now..the house phone is not working. =.=
call my mobile please. XD


urgh .. really had enough of this !!
all these listed happened within these 3 months time.
eh..someone tell me lar.
what kindaf luck is this !!
* amitabha *
please lar. when can all these end !!


dad said.

" can i sit on a pail of bleech as bleech my ass. so that all these bad luck will go away ?! then i'll have the *ONE AND ONLY WHITE ASS HOLE !!* "

LOLX..So humour lar daddy.
U can try !! XD



Hey Dear. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for helping me clean my room. =)
Hope u enjoyed the mashed potatoes !! hehe ..
and thanks for THAT =.=

You are my man !! Muax !!


yours truly.
jesmyn. 06.04.09. 10.05pm

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