:: Kanasaiology aka ❤ yogurt day ❤

yea yea . i know i know
i have not been updating my blog since..don't know when.
but . hey . no worries. i'm gona do it 2nite .. haha
goin out now !!
muax peeps !! wait 4 my update yea guys !! muahaha


yeah !! im back home already.

okay .. me and joey went out on the 14th of april.
shud be a surprised party we wana do for kah yee.
the birthday girl on that day.
but..that babe wana go to pavillion.
so...ended up me and joey nia lor.

damn syiok wye that day !!
only rm5++ per person.
* neway members only*

hrm..so..as usual.
sang like siao.
but so kanasai.
half of the session i sang without mic !!
ish ish .. repair repair repair !!
nid to repair ge meh !!!
whole neway oni got THAT amount of mic ah !!
ish ish ..
then ended up a guy brought in 2 more mic .
lolx..joey said..maybe he wanted to sing with us.
hahaha...burst into laughter lor when she said that.

afta that we went to Leisure Mall for our tea time.
due to i wanted to shop for some new clothes and bags
for college....
we went to almost every boutique.
grab loads of clothes and went in to the fitting room to try them out.

lolx...joey babe's stupid idea of exchanging clothes to wear really made me darn siao man !!
we walked out like nobody's business...
XD XD ... sales girl scratching head....XD XD

Urm..let the pictures do the talking.....
* will update later *

please ignore the kanasai-ness arh..i noe i look siao !! haha

DSC01677 DSC01679 DSC01676 DSC01673

DSC01765 DSC01766 DSC01767 DSC01768 DSC01769 DSC01770 DSC01771 DSC01772 DSC01773 DSC01777 DSC01778 DSC01780 DSC01782

this is my fav.pic!!

if u guys wan a more detailed post abt the outing.
please visit joey's bloggie.

peace out !
darn tired !

jesmyn. 6.00pm. 16.04.09

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