:: Why ? ::

I'm getting lazier and lazier to blog already lar..
What happened !? why ?! why ?!

Don't know why .. suddenly
I hope that someone will sing
Van 范逸臣's - I Believe
right infront of me now !!


just went thru my "dar-links"
was reading thru koon's blog.
saw yaobang tagged at koon's cbox.
this world is really small..
never thought these 2 monkeys will get to know each other lor..
must be "part-time job" mates eh ? XD
now these two guys officially meet each other...
Koon Boy...my 死党 aka bestie since.......i think...6years ago eh koon ?! XD
and...YaoBang...MY dear buddy !!! XD XD

this world is really small..

p/s: duno why i feel so darn friggin' happy when i know that these two guys know each other !!! omg omg...lolx...well..maybe is bcz ... I PERSONALLY FEEL THAT ..
they are quite similar....as in .. character .. attitude...and...being friends with them are really great !! LOLX ...

yours truly,

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