:: tired ::

Hey Good Morning Guys !! 
*urhem. i just woke up. so it's good morning for me* XD
Phew. Felt so tired. 
woke up once @ 6am to make breakfast for my sis b4 me leaves for school.
Neh !! Last nite my mum lar .. "yum - 阴" me geh. lolx.
Ask me to ask sista what is she having for breakfast.
Then our friend happily answered. 

" u wake up and make me breakfast lar "

See !! This situation is what people say " catch worm into butt " in cantonese. 

* ehlo, u think i'm the indon maid at home kah...
but nevermind la..
i noe my cooking skills are good. 
but u don't have to praise me by asking me
to make u breakfast EVERY morning ge woh....*

Okay. I got my butt off my comfy bed and quickly ran downstairs to make breakfast for our EMPRESS !! * man sui. man sui. man man sui !! * 

have a look what i made her for breakfast.

see. so nicely garnished. XD

the garlic sausage cheese toast.

the guava juice.

awww. they look so gorgeous and lovely  kan kan !? 

p/s: eh sis. u see lar. ur mum also didn't wake up so early to make you breakfast lor.
So good de sista. Where to find ?! U better don't bully me anymore.
I know parents sayang u more. 
but u dun bully me always and make me kena "goreng" my them ma..

It was about 6.30am when i finished all these crap.
I then text our dear joey babe.
cz she has to do the same task as i do.
make breakfast for her EMPEROR-s 
aka Brotha-s
I texted her and say 
" ehlo.g.morning. just drop by to say hi......"
i didn't expected her reply actually.
But she did ! 
now we both can feel the *housewife-ness* already.

being a housewife is the most difficult task.

Long working hours. You have to do everything.
No insurance to claim if something happen.
No EPF...*lolx* No Holiday.
Public holiday pun kena kerja.
work OT dun get paid oso.
year end takda bonus.
eh wait. TAKDA SALARY OSO LA! wth...

nevermind. save a big amount of money from now on.
still a long way for me to reach the 
housewife level

aih. actually i got lotsa stuff i wana blog about lor.
but i don't want my post to be too long.
you know lar. u guys will be bored reading long and boring posts.
kan kan ? 
*oh..please say "no..its not bored...lalala* hehe..i mmg SS de lar.

Specially for Joey babe.
The pictures i owe you.

The Over-Dressed Jesmyn.



p/s: don't worry. my rashes went off already.i'm not dressing like that anymore ler.


  1. omg~!!!!!!
    the zip... can lower abit ar? XD

  2. SWT LOR YOU .. lolx ..
    lower pulak !! swt man