:: Proud Of You ::

Went to Cheras Leisure Mall yesterday.
To watch my sister’s performance.
The Guitar Store Music Performance.

Yeah..they went thru’ a few auditions..
and FINALLY ..
they were in for this concert.
Although it’s just a simple concert.
not a very grand one, but HEY !!
it was AWESOME !!

And .. Yes !! I’m proud of them !! really proud !!
Proud of my sista !!
Tears nearly roll down when i see everyone down there screaming .. and go HIGH because of their performance…
So touching…but at the same time..
It reminds me of my audition…last birthday……..
I was selected…but….aihz…nevermind….forget about it !!

So……yeah la !! Jie Jie is proud of u dear sister !!
Achieve what u wana achieve !!!
Do it when u have the chance !!
and .. NEVER REGRET !! Hehe …

Okay Ladies and Gents…
Sit back and enjoy their great performance !!
This is their very very first performance..

滚将乐团 !!

oh ya.. forgot to tell u guys smtg ..
after their performance..the dj passed a picture to my sis.
some secret admirer snapped a picture of her .. and hand it to the dj .. ask the dj to pass to miss sista.. LOL !!
So fast got fans adi orh .. XD XD
Nah..this is the picture from some random dude / secret admirer. Wuakaka !!!


okay .. now .. the videos .. =)
enjoy !!


well..this was their very very first performance..
u cant expect much laaa..
but .. hey !! overall was great i think .. although some improvements are needed…=)

Intro : GUN-JAM , 滚将乐团


from left :

Oscar – Rhythm
Kiat Hong – Vocalist
Chloe – Drummer
Kah Hoe – Lead / Band Leader
Xuen Liang – Bass
* in chinese pronounciation * not sure how to spell his name in english


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