: ❤ : disaster : ❤ :

urgh ! bloggie !
i tell you what..

ur mummie got a disaster as my econs lecturer !

attended her tutorial today.
and she made the class super pissed.
even lynn . the one who wanted to so called give her a chance.
lol. pity my dear zazaa and lynn larh.
they were fasting + black out + the lecturer is like that.

she was asking us to answer her tutorial exercises.
we answered accordingly.
she just don't agree with our answers and opinions.
wth ! and the best part is ..
she don't wana give us the accurate answer.

keep telling..

i will only give you the answer on monday.
i don't care. you guys figure out the answers.
i'll ask again.

then what's the point of us being in class today !?
you can might as well just end the class.
let us leave. and you teach on monday larh !
we don't know that's why we come for class larh!!
wth.. we come for class to learn !! = =

and now.

i'm having a really bad feeling
that i'm so not gonna do well in econs !
i have a feeling that i'm so gonna fail for finals !
wtf wtf !!

nah. itu dia. >.<>

well. besides that.
had moral studies with hong & ah pek today.
well. due to my neneks were not there yet,
these people lepak-ed with me.
thanks guys for killing time with me yeah. lol.

we went to the practice rooms at the music school.
i played the piano and hong sang along while ah pek slept. ^_^
it's fun to sing with him eh. he has a nice voice.

konon-nya can play very well. lol

hong zai. i prefer calling him mr.emo

long time didnt SS ady eh? :)

ish ish . this ah pek . sibuk larh . ppl ss-ing he come kacau pulak.

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