:: The Monkey Returns ::

Instead of  “The Mummy Returns”
My title is “The Monkey Returns”
Why ?! Because..Yea ..
that stupid monkey came back!! =.=

It happened like that.
This morning.
It went to my neighbor’s place.

My grandma saw my neighbor using a hose attacking the monkey.
After that. It went away.
Knowing that i has went away,
my grandma quickly went out to do her prayers lor.
neh..need to pray the “tin san” - 天神
* duno god of what arh *

While she was doing her prayers,
She saw a head popping out from my neighbor’s wall.
Thick lips. Big eyes. and FUR !!

like that. =.=

Damaged my telephone landline.
Ran to my roof top.
and now
come peep my grandma praying……

so disturbing …
i don’t even dare to go out of the house to do my laundry.
need grandma to help me dry my “xRx and xNxxxWxEx”
@#$%^&*()@#$%^&*(……please leave lar … grrrrrrrr


lolx.today.not longer after i open wide my eyes.
received a phone call. i thought was dear who called.
but when i picked up. lolx. scared the shit out of me !
Wanted to say “goodmorning dear…muax”
but..when i said “hello” … the voice was so diff from ed’s…and…i quickly look who called.guess who..
Mr Tan Yao Bang. lolx he wanted koon’s number. XD
luckily i was awake. not in the “half a sleep” situations.
and…yb..luckily i didnt say goodmorning dear..haha
ur fans will be screaming.yelling.shouting.chasing after me with parang-s and M16-s !!!

hrm. sista was sick. stayed at home.not goin to skul.
and today dear came.=)
hrm.i was ordered to prepare lunch for the EMPRESS !! =.= *man sui man sui man man sui* =.=

that gurl really treated me like her personal chef.
order anytg she wants nia. not to care that i have that ingredient or not.

well.luckily dear was here.he went out get the ingredients while i stay at home to cook.

we cooked -
~spaghetti bolognese.
~baked potatoes with cheese.garlic spread.
~roasted potatoes.
~lamb chop with lamb and rosemary gravy.

i just ate a little.
i alwiz never get to eat much after cooking those food.

yours truly,

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