:: XXL Square Chicken ?!?! ::

Back to blogging life ?!
Nah .. not yet !! XD
It's Just that i have something to share !! =)

as usual ..
went for my classes ..
and " lunched " with my babes after that.

well .. lyn went off with a friend for a yumcha session ..
so me za and sha had ntg to do..we headed to the 1st floor * school of music *
to hunt for any empty rooms .. XD

aw .. and we got one !! hehe

well ... we did some really random stuff !!!
Check out this video !!
this was wad we did !!
The lyrics and the melody came spontaneously !!
bwahaha . okay .. cut the crap !! and listen !!

Well .. This is the story behind this song ...

Our dear lyn wanted to eat the XXL Chicken @ Midvalley ..
but all didnt wana go ...
so .. went she went yumcha with her friends ..
we had ntg to do...
and duno how on earth the lyrics strike our minds !!

Lyrics Attached !! XD

Pianist - Jesmyn
Vocalist / Lyrics - Sasha / Zazaa
Recordings - Zazaa

I'm Hungry and You're Lonely ~
I want my fried chicken that you promised me ~
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I'm Hungry and You're Lonely ~
Where the hell is my fried chicken ~
where's the extra extra large chicken ~

And then you went and bought for me the chicken that you've promised me but it wasn't square at all honey ~
You bought me back the oval chicken which was like so skinny .. It wasn't my square fried chicken ~

Im hungry and you're lonely ~
where is my fried chicken
where is my square extra extra large fried chicken

I'm hungry .. U'r lonely ~~~~

Where the hell is my ~ fried ~ chicken ~

my extra extra large chicken ~~

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